BP Oil Spill Claims: Churches & Nonprofits Eligible


A Blessing is Waiting for Churches and Nonprofits

Following the historic BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010, many churches and nonprofits located in the Gulf region of the U.S. suffered greatly from the sudden decrease in donations and contributions. Recently, as a result of a class action lawsuit on behalf of the Gulf region, BP has set aside billions of dollars to rebuild the area. BP has acknowledged its part in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the economic recession that followed, and money is waiting to be claimed and put to good use in the region. Many churches and nonprofits are completely unaware that they have valid claims and their lost contributions are considered an economic loss.

The following is a list of eligible organizations that are included in the recent BP settlement:

  • Churches (regardless of denomination)
  • Other Religious Institutions
  • Private Daycare Centers, Pre-Schools, and K-12 Schools
  • Nonprofit Organizations (regardless of mission or focus)
    • Rescue Missions
    • Crisis Centers
    • Rehabilitation Facilities
    • Food Banks
    • Homeless Shelters

Rebuilding Your Community
If you lead a church or nonprofit organization,  you owe it to your community to file a claim and get the money back into your local economy. If your church or organization is doing well and doesn’t need the settlement money to manage day to day expenses, consider funding a mission project. If your mission projects are already funded, consider making a donation to the Red Cross, or other charities.  Just use it to do something good. If you do not claim the money, it will simply revert back to BP in April of 2014.

Recent Settlement Includes Five State Area
Claims eligibility was initially limited to the coast and there have been several administrative agencies overseeing claims. The recent settlement is overseen by federal courts.  Eligibility is determined by your location. That’s it. If your church or nonprofit organization is located in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, it is included.  Select counties along the coast near Houston and the entire Gulf coast of Florida are also included.

At ClaimsComp, we have years of experience with class action settlements.  We can take the headache out of filing your claims.  Give us a call at 1-888-404-1395 or check out our website, www.claimscomp.com.  You can download our ebook and get up to speed on the settlement.  Don’t miss this chance to make a difference in your community. You will be glad you did.
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